1. guitman423's Avatar
    Exchange 2007, Droid Turbo (5.1).

    I have an issue with ActiveSync contact syncing. The user has his regular "Contacts" folder in exchange, and a second contact folder called "Contacts_2-9-2010". When I add his exchange account to his droid, all of his contacts from both folders are downloaded -- good.

    I have an issue, however, and these observations:

    1. When he creates a new contact on his phone, it uploads it to "Contacts_2-9-2010" on the server, rather than in "Contacts".

    2. When I edit a contact on his phone that belongs in "Contacts", the edit does not propagate back to the server at all. It never makes it to the server. However, if I edit the user in "Contacts" on the server, it does propagate back down to the phone and overwrites the changes I made on the phone.

    3. When I edit a contact on his phone that belongs in "Contacts_2-9-2010", it propagates properly both ways.

    With Droid, you do not seem to have any way of choosing which contact folders to sync, it just takes all the server contact folders and sub-folders and syncs them. In this case, it also seems to have chosen "Contacts_2-9-2010" as a default for new contact creation, and even worse, will not propagate edits to contacts in the main "Contact" folder.

    Ideas how to troubleshoot?
    09-01-2015 09:38 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    Android isn't designed to work with Exchange Server. (IMO, Exchange server isn't designed to work with Exchange server.) About all I can suggest is to delete both folders in ES (backing up the contacts first), then creating a single folder to save contacts in.

    Or have someone who knows ES really well learn Android programming and write an Android Contacts app that will allow the choice of which contacts to sync to which ES folder. (Maybe a secondary "Type" dropdown or an additional field.)
    09-04-2015 10:34 PM

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