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    I have a Galaxy Note 4. After downloading the latest Android update, my bluetooth connection was acting weird... it wouldn't connect to my car, but when I restarted my phone or my car, it would connect. In the past month, however, it won't connect at all. But it's not just my car- I can't connect to any bluetooth device (I've tried my car, multiple speakers, and my computer). I can only conclude that it's an issue with the phone.
    When attempting to pair with my computer, they recognize each other, but after a long lag on the phone where it says "Pairing", I get an error that says "Unable to Communicate (with computer)".
    I've tried a soft reset, clearing the Bluetooth Cache and Data, and finally, a factory reset. Nothing has worked. I'm at my wits end here.
    Any suggestions would be extremely appreciated.
    09-01-2015 12:45 PM

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