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    I'm trying to find out if there is either a way rearrange the order of google accounts in android Lollipop or a way to select a default google account? I'm using a Galaxy S5.

    I have two google accounts that I use - a personal one which is td_____[at]gmail and then a work one which is fi__[at]___. I set up my phone using my personal account and have been using the phone with only that google account added for over a year. This summer I added the work google account so I could sync calendars and contacts with the work account. My business partner and I share that work google account to share the calendars and contacts and sync with a third party practice management website we use.

    Unfortunately android is sorting the accounts in alphabetical order so that the work account which starts with "fi" is appearing first in the account list and my personal account beginning with "td" appears second. I would like my personal account to be the default account and appear at the top. I've tried deleting and resyncing the work account and a new test account beginning with "da," adding them in different orders each time, and android always ends up sorting all accounts alphabetically.

    It's causing problems with some of my paid apps. For example, the main frustration I've had so far has been with GoSMS which I use as my default texting app. I used a google credit on my personal account to purchase the $19.99 paid version of the app for no ads and free themes. It worked great for awhile, and now recently I've started seeing the ads again and have not been able to change themes. I discovered that the app is not recognizing my purchase because it's running off of whichever google account is listed at the top of the account list. When I have my work account added, GoSMS shows ads and says my current account is "fi___ [at]___." Whenever I remove that account, the ads are gone and the app functions normally again and shows my current account as my personal "td___[at]gmail" account. There is no login feature in the app or anyway to change accounts within the app itself, it just goes by whatever google account is listed at the top. If it was just a $2 app, I'd say screw it and would just purchase the app on my work account, but I don't want to spend $19.99 just to buy the app on a second account - I want to be able to use it on my primary account.

    Anyone know how to change the order or select a default account to appear at the top? I've tried searching forums and have found a handful of people with the same question but not really any solutions that I saw. Thanks in advance!
    09-29-2015 02:21 PM

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