1. AC Question's Avatar
    I am using google phone and recently updated Android 6.0 in my mobile. After Marshmallow installation my battery draining very fast while phone is on idle also. This might be because new version. This is needs to rectified immediately.

    My handset model: Spice Dream Uno Mi-498H.

    How downgrade from Android 6.0 to Android 5.1.1 in Spice Dream Uno Mi-498H?
    10-16-2015 09:48 AM
  2. Wiktor Olejniczak's Avatar
    If you want to downgrade the Android OS the only option I know is to root the device and then install a custom ROM on it. I haven't heard about this brand but some of careers and phone makers block bootloader, it means that you can't root the phone without using special software or instructions in most cases developed by maker of the phone. Anyway I don't know much about rooting but there is "Root" subpage here, on AC so try to find your phone there and you will get complete instructions.
    10-16-2015 10:14 AM

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