1. Adamantiz's Avatar
    Hello, I hate the android 5, wish I never downgraded to it. Talk about devolution.
    How could a bunch of people who are paid to be the cleverest people in the world, continue to make such a mess of something that used to be good, and then not even bother to host any official support or bug report services. It is a wonder that anybody even uses this platform. I only still use it because I wanted a Sony phone, think I will be moving back to Windows phone when I get a new one.

    I am using the first Sony Xperia Z (black), it was a brilliant phone when I bought it. The OS was great, the updates they made to android 4 were not too bad, apart from the colour-scheme did not match my phone after its first update.
    I would like to flash back to 4.4 but then the phone will not update itself any-more, and I can't be doing with managing the updates myself, when they are currently automatic. All custom ROMs seem to require manual updates and they be full of bugs.

    Ok so rant finished, now my problem...

    The confirmation dialogue that pops up by default when you enable/disable mobile data connections, really started to **** me off, so I clicked the tick-box, "do not show this again"... Since then, each time I go out of range of my WiFi connections', the phone automatically enables the mobile data connection.

    There is no setting that I can find, to get the confirmation dialogue to show again once ignored. I do not want to reset to factory settings, and I should not have to download a third party app to manage the android interface. If I restrict background data then I get another annoying notification (Triangle with !) that will not go away unless I un-restrict data, and let it keep turning itself on. This is ironically against Google's own policy and android development rules, as they don't even let my antivirus notification have a permanent display any more, with android 5.

    In search for help with this issue, I found people have the same problem, (data connection automatically enabling itself) but they don't seem to know why it is happening.

    All I can say is that the guys at android are a bunch of [language redacted by Mod], who just keep on making the android OS worse and worse, with every update they make.

    So, how can I get back the confirmation dialogue and stop the mobile data from automatically enabling itself?

    I really appreciate any feedback I get from this... Don't know why you guys setup this forum to do Google's job for them.

    Please, No hack job replies that tell me to edit settings or install third party apps as a work-around.

    If the only way - is to reset the phone, please just say that.

    11-08-2015 06:05 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Sorry that this has been frustrating for you. See if you can reset all app preferences (which will also clear all app defaults--that means the next time you select an action that can be completed by different apps, you'll be prompted to select a default again). Go to Settings>Apps, tap Menu, and look for a Reset All App Preferences option. This might be located in a different menu, depending on the phone.
    11-08-2015 04:00 PM

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