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    It is my belief there is a serious bug in Android phones that has gone unaddressed, perhaps even overlooked as it is an inconsistent bug that I believe is caused by inadequate resource allocation in the OS where SMS is concerned.

    The problem is dropped text messages. I've been suffering from this problem ever since I got my LG G Stylo almost two months ago. The problem recently came to a head when it seriously affected multiple relationships (personal and business) due to missed communications.

    I've researched this issue considerably for the past couple days and found a lot of complaints about missed text messages. The one consistent feature of each bug report is that the phone is running (some more recent version of) Android. It happens across all make and model of phone and service provider.

    No real solution exists as far as I can tell: people discuss muddling through various attempts to fix the problem, some claiming success, others not, some claiming initial success only to have the problem persist.

    I've confirmed the problem in the past by comparing incoming/outgoing texts with people I was missing texts from or who weren't receiving my texts. Their phone showed texts sent that I never received and vice versa.

    I recently installed an app called Ghostly that grabs incoming SMS as soon as they come in, in parallel with the default messaging app. Since I've installed it, it's already saved 4 texts (from two different senders) that my messaging app never saw.

    I'm presently using the default messaging app that came with my LG G Stylo. I've done all kinds of crap to try to resolve this problem to no avail. I won't go into detail now because I feel it's irrelevant; in my opinion the problem is inadequate resource allocation for SMS operation in the Android OS, specifically on phones with low RAM (like mine, 1GB... one billion bytes of available codespace is apparently not enough to adequately handle text messaging!!?)

    So this problem is real. The Ghostly app exists solely *because* of this bug in Android. Ultimately I believe the problem is with the Android OS in conjunction with inadequate hardware resources, and I wonder how much more prevalent this problem is, since some people probably don't even realize they're missing text messages.

    I'm going to try installing Textra, not because I think it will resolve the problem but because I want some of the features it has. Maybe it has more efficient SMS processing like Ghostly and won't drop messages. I hope so, because I really don't see a fix to this forthcoming anytime soon, certainly not before the problem is even acknowledged.

    I would appreciate any input or corroboration of the problem from other users. Unless my search foo was simply inadequate and I completely overlooked something in the vast interwebs, I'm not expecting anyone to come forward with an actual solution. No that would be just too easy. This is a bug that only Google can fix.

    I upgraded to a smartphone to have a better texting experience, only to trade a crappy experience for missed texts that have ruined relationships. Thanks, Google and LG. Next time test your stuff better.

    I suppose I should submit this issue to the official Google Android OS development team, if there is such a thing.
    11-22-2015 05:31 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    Another option is trying Hangouts as SMS. Or leaving it as an IM app and communicating that way.
    11-22-2015 06:42 PM
  3. Stupidfone's Avatar
    That's not an option actually. I bought a phone based on the advertised feature of text messaging. That implies that it also works. I want it fixed or I want my money back, along with the relationships this buggy POS SMS system helped ruin.
    11-23-2015 01:51 PM

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