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    I have a J700m 5.1.1 lollypop, KNOX 2.4, and am trying to use it as a hotspot and/or USB teather to access internet. All devices connect to phone/router....DHCP on router/phone work fine,,,assign DNS, IP, Gateway .... all looks good. Phone will surf without problems, but will not pass traffic as a router to internet. Tried setting up as static connection, rebuilt APN, New SIM, Factory reset, etc.. talked to local Telco(Pine Cellular in S.E. Oklahoma). Swap SIM to old phone and all is fine.Pine is a GSM provider with no restrictions. I can ping phones internal IP, but nothing outside of phone using it as a router( will pass all traffic to and from handset(phone surfs fine) just not through gateway. I am out of ideas except 1... could it be trying to pass all traffic through VPN that does not exist/ not set up or needed.. Hope this makes sense because I don't want to downgrade phones and they do not have a clue...Samsung is horrible even second tier support . It acts like a firewall on the phone or similar is blocking all traffic when used as a router to internet....wifi hotspot, USB tether nothing works. Tried installing FoxFi...same.

    The Telco wants me to take a different phone,(a huawei).. 16G down to 8G on phone, 5.5" screen to 5", 1.5G ram to 1G....... nothing they want to switch to is comparable and I am signing a 2 year contract, it is like signing a lease for a Cadillac Escalade and they want me to accept a stripped Tahoe with cloth seats for the same price. I would love to find the problem.
    Thanks for any help.
    01-25-2016 09:23 AM
  2. RogMoore's Avatar
    See the user manual and check that whether you are not doing something wrong.
    01-25-2016 09:52 AM
  3. KI4ZOS's Avatar
    Sorry I was not logged in when I posted the question........ the user manual does not have the answer. I can use the handset to surf....etc.. when connecting to hotspot with a pad, phone or a PC using usb tether no traffic passes through the "router" section of the phone...Thanks anyway RogMoore
    01-25-2016 11:36 AM
  4. Rukbat's Avatar
    The problem is that the carrier is blocking access for anything but the phone itself (they can tell on their end). It's becoming more common these days. It's just another way to pick your pocket.
    01-25-2016 11:48 PM
  5. KI4ZOS's Avatar
    I thought the same thing...spent hours on the phone with techs. The company is small and has only 3 techs. I can swap my sim card to my old phone, daughters phone and a old Moto Blur and all work perfect... One thng I noticed when using USB tether on a win7 machine....connects ...DHCP assigns IP, DNS...etc and I get a balloon in the lower right corner of PC " additional login may be needed, click to open browser.." a s if I was at a hotel or something... I contacted the CEO and was told there is no blocking of connection sharing. I tried to talk her out of a S5 in trade, but that was a no go.
    01-26-2016 08:49 AM

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