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    Coming from WP10, we had cortana, who, while if on bluetooth in the car, would alert you if you had a new text message.. and then ask.. "Do you want me to read it or ignore it?" She would then read it if you chose to and after would allow for a response by voice to the text. It worked quite well.

    The closest thing i have found so far seems to be DriveSafe.Ly

    The downside is.. if you turn on message reading.. it just reads them no matter what.. it doesnt prompt you.. to do responses to texts its $9.99 and i'm not even sure that it works.

    So for now i have it enabled as a widget, which allows a toggle.. that toggle then turns it on and off instantly and i leave full reading on for now..

    Does anyone know of an app that works like this, but prompts to read the messages instead AND allows for responses by voice afterwards?

    Perhaps Android 6.0 will help address some of these things?

    Thanks in advance
    01-28-2016 01:39 PM

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