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    I joined this forum hoping i could find some help with my problem.

    A month ago I got an LG spirit. Within a couple of days I noticed that the System Data under Misc files had already occupied a 5GB of space... The whole internal storage is 8GB and I have an SD card installed with 14 GB.

    I've had the automatic backup feature turned off since the beggining.

    I've moved all the apps to the external storage since my phone now has only 3 GB to work with but I'm noticing that many files and apps won't allow me to move them out of the internal storage. Is there any workaround to this?

    When I connect my phone to a PC, the Internal Storage folder appears to have only 3.45GB. I don't know what's that about either. Is it just showing the space not occupied by System Data?

    Is there any way to access the System Data and determine what's hogging all that space?

    I tried a factory reset but as soon as the phone restarted i checked the size of system data and it was exactly the same size as before.

    Is this something that's going to be addressed in any upcoming updates?

    Any help would be grately appreciated!
    02-02-2016 11:14 AM

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