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    I have a 32 gigabyte SD card on my lg g3 phone and Cricket is my wireless provider. I have rooted the phone and have installed link2sd and aparted and have partitioned the SD card into two fat32 partitions. For some reason I was unable to do an EXT 2 3 or 4 partition so I went ahead and created a second fat32 partition. They are split almost equally. I've started playing mobile Strike and am unable to move the data (which is above one half of a gigabyte) to the SD card because they won't allow it on a fat32 partition. I can't seem to determine either from aparted or from the phone settings storage menu exactly where the apps and data are being stored. Does anybody have any insight to provide or can you point me to a reference site where I can learn more about exactly where link2sd moves the apps and data? Please note, in every instance possible I not only have linked to the SD card but I have moved the app to the SD card. Thanks to anyone in advance for your help

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    02-17-2016 06:28 PM

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