1. Missleah1991's Avatar
    I have a Verizon samsung s5. The battery used to be great until the first update. Now it's been garbage ever since. I'll get maybe 6 hours battery life if I'm lucky. I've done factory resets, reinstalled updates, safe mode and nothing. I currently have 5 hours and 6 minutes since last full charge. Android os has used 44%. Android system is 9% and screen is 8%. I don't have location on and I keep power saving mode turned on all the time. Can someone help?
    03-15-2016 01:19 PM
  2. Wolfie ProHD's Avatar
    I have the same problem with my Prime 6, since I flashed the latest update my phone's battery lasts 3 or 4 hours and it used to last a whole day or more with regular use, I believe it's a bug with the update (it might be broken or missing files) or it might be because I flashed the update in the wrong way. The phone's performance got worse than ever, I can't open apps like Facebook or Instagram tho I can open Twitter, Gmail, etc.
    Is that the only problem you have? Or do you notice something different? Like battery overheating? It happened with my phone before.
    03-19-2016 08:21 AM

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