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    2 month ago I have got a virus which was advertising in all browsers and in all websites.
    I have restored the settings but virus was not deleted.
    Then I tested my phone with Malwarebytes Antivirus and it founds the virus in this settings.apk
    I just got root on my Archos 50c Platinum and then deleted the settings.apk with FX File Explorer + Root add-on (I tought when I will restore the settings again with recovery menu, the settings.apk will be in it's place). And now the phone shows me the welcome screen but I can't continue becouse settings.apk is missing. I thought it's a not problem for me while I can install another firmware with recovery menu. But when I entered the recovery menu there was all in chinese. I translated this -_-

    [Spreadtrum factory test mode]
    ● PCBA Automatic Test
    ● Automatic Test Machine
    ● PCBA Single Test
    ● individual test machine
    ● recommend sampling tests items
    ● Phone Info
    ● PCBA Test Results
    ● Machine Test Results
    ● sampling tests results
    ● Restore factory settings <--------This is the only thing I can do in recovery menu!?

    But now I can rich google form welcome screen by long pressing the home button. Then with google I can rich other applications (Ok Google, "Open .....") and I also can't connect to WiFi.

    What can I do to bring my phone to live!?
    Please help me!!
    05-17-2016 01:17 AM

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