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    KitKat stock contacts app used to dial fax numbers by default for Exchange synced contacts. I upgraded to Lolipop, added a new contact in Outlook on my PC and fukdsjnfkje damrahgkierkijnv piece of shilsnklfjhsk phone dials the fax number!!! Come on, how many people with cell phones want to dial a fax?!

    There is no setting for this in Outlook. And yes sometimes I need to know a fax number and gee the fax field of a contact is the perfect place for such a thing. What I don't want is to dial that from my phone, EVER!!!

    Oh I know how to manually on the phone per contact change the default number but why can't I tell the phone to always dial cell first if it exists, then work or home and fax last or never?

    Any known work arounds for people who sync to Exchange and have hundreds of fax numbers?
    06-06-2016 05:59 PM

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