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    I am new to Android and finding it hard to grasp. One of many problems is that I am unable to move apps and other files to the SD Card, or to download / install there. So my Card is redundant at present and the tablet is getting overloaded.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A with Lollipop It is not and is not going to be rooted. I did not format the card but as it has accepted an displays images from the camera automatically saved there I guess it has been formatted? Some advice I have been given involves using the Apps Manager in Settings but what was described does not apply to my device --- I suspect they have a different version of Android? I have two apps which are supposed to facilite moving items to the Card, such as LinkToSD, but neither work.

    As an SD Card is integral to the Samsung tablet using it should surely be straightforward.

    Help would be greatly appreciated.
    07-07-2016 02:44 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hi there,

    Unfortunately the SD card doesn't work like that on Android anymore (unless the device supports 'Adoptable Storage', which at present is only for Marshmallow versions that have implemented that...Samsung chose not to). You can, however, move SOME apps to the SD card, but it's up to each dev to decide how much of it can be moved. In any case, the main app file will always reside in your device and only extra files, saves, media, etc. can be moved (again, the dev decides how much, if any, of the data can be moved). You'd have to go to the Application Manager, find the app you want to move, and it should have a STORAGE section with a MOVE TO SD CARD button. If it's grayed out, the app cannot be moved.

    Also, 3rd party apps (namely, apps that weren't included with your tablet originally) do not have full access to the SD card. They can only read contents off of it and can only write to folders they created. The only app that has full write access to let you copy/move/edit things in your SD card is the system File Manager (in your tablet it might be called My Files) or by plugging the device to a computer and managing things from there.

    Unfortunately, the SD card is now mostly for media consumption and not meant to really 'expand' your device's memory for apps. Also, not all apps will let you save directly to SD card (like downloads from the browser, for instance) and some will (Spotify, Camera apps, Play Music, etc.) but again, that means they will have to create their own folder in the SD card and can only write stuff to that folder.

    There is a way to make the device 'believe' the SD card is part of the internal memory, but that does require root and a hack/patch to be applied. Since you mentioned you don't want to root the tablet, I believe this option is out.
    07-07-2016 02:58 PM
  3. Chris Clayton1's Avatar
    Thank you very much for the detailed explanation. I knew there were some limitations on the use of the SD Card but not how extensive they are. Given these limitations it seems somewhat misleading to provide an SD card socket with the Samsung tablets, as presumably if you want the facility you can add it with an external USB device anyway? I had a major issue with free storage on my Windows 10, 2-in-1 Tablet's small SSD, until recently. Now I am able to install / move many apps / programs to a range of external USB Flash Drives and Cards, keeping the C Drive mainly for the OS. This is a satisfactory arrangement and for me reason enough alone for upgrading to Windows 10.

    At least now I know what the score is with my Samsung tablet.

    Could you explain a bit about your reference to "plugging the device to a computer and managing things from there."?
    07-10-2016 04:23 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar

    Plugging in your device to a computer should 'mount' it as an external drive. Moving/Copying/Modifying files to/from the SD card in this way does give you full SD card access. Still doesn't let you move apps with a computer, but it will let you move files from the phone to the SD card or move SD card contents around if you wish to do so.
    07-10-2016 09:18 PM

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