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    When the phone is completely off and I turn it on, any specific** notifications I get, for missed calls, or voice mail, have the time I turned on the phone, not the time the call came in. Yet if I call in for messages, the Envelope includes the the time and day of the call. But I would like to know without calling. a) Calling costs me $2 each day, b) If if it's 12:30am and someone called 5 hours ago, I shouldn't call back. If she called 2 minutes ago, she's still awake and I should call back.

    Meanwhile, the same two notifications show up 4 days in a row, every time with the time I turned the phone on that very day, and no reference to the day the call came in.

    **The time in the notification bar at the top is always correct.
    Blu Studio X Plus And v. 5.0.1, iirc.
    07-19-2016 12:33 AM

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