1. pawprints86's Avatar
    Just now was trying to remove all traces of an app to try to reinstall (getting force close errors) cm browser.

    But the folders aren't truly deleting... Even after a reboot.

    Using root browser.


    Luckily my phone came with chrome in the meantime... I like it and all, but it just takes up so much space.

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    08-18-2016 05:20 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    If the app is still installed or it's a system folder, it will just re-spawn every time as the app/system will need it, so it re-creates it.
    08-18-2016 06:04 PM
  3. pawprints86's Avatar
    It's not though, I was trying to delete the remains from an app I had downloaded. It was just in the internal storage, not the system folder though.

    Cm browser, to be exact

    Moving things seems just fine, but deleting gives me issues for some reason

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    08-19-2016 01:10 AM
  4. pawprints86's Avatar
    Just tonight tried to remove those same remnants with my computer attached, I have this mtp app that sees my phone as a hot spot, on there if I type my phones address, I can see all.

    But even from there, no dice for deleting. This is getting so frustrating

    It's got to be some sort of software difference between my 2 phones. My other one I can delete whatever I want with root browser and it would truly delete. It's older software. 4.0.4.

    There must be some lock down installed between 4.0.4 times and 5.1.1 times. They're both using what came on the phone, just rooted and with custom recovery. I haven't done anything else different... I'm really just so frustrated trying to understand why...

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    08-20-2016 02:02 AM
  5. pawprints86's Avatar
    Nobody has any other ideas?

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-21-2016 01:51 PM

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