1. pawprints86's Avatar
    I've read that it is possible to install another version of Google play store.

    Specifically, I'm wanting to install the apk from my other phone, as it does not require attachment to Google play services like the one I have now does, that came on my device.

    I'd rather go that way and keep services disabled except when they're truly needed, if its at all possible. I really don't use gapps other than the play store.

    On my other device the play services can be straight up deleted (allowed by system, not a hack type way like titanium backup) and everything works just fine. Hope to get this device to function like that one.

    What's the safest way to go about trying a different version of the play store? I'd like to keep the one I have now around in case I can't get it working. Is keeping it disabled while I try the other safe enough? Or does it need to be removed?

    I still need to go on a search on this phone to see where it keeps the play store.

    Is it still usable as a user app? Hmm...

    The store on my other device will update to the same version when enabled, but it's that detachment from play services that I'm after with it.

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    08-19-2016 10:51 PM
  2. FalconF's Avatar
    As far as i know, Google Play Store and Google Services are set to automatically update whenever you turn on "sync" or are connected to a non-mobile WI-FI hotspot. So even if you install a previous version, it will automatically update to the latest one.
    10-12-2016 03:08 PM

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