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    Even if you go out of the way to remove any trace of your factory play store, and then install the play store from your other device which does not require the use of play services...

    It will *still* require services to run. I'm just wondering now if we have Knox to thank for this behavior? I don't have it running but it still sounds kinda... Knoxey, doesn't it?

    Just thought I'd save people the trouble of trying... It doesn't work. Ugh.

    My other phone not only does it not require services, but it also remembers your store sign in info even if you've disabled both store and services.

    So that awesomeness is down to either that version of android or that particular ROM apparently (which I still don't get since that one is rooted Samsung software too?).

    Ugh. Play services are just such a hog, they don't hibernate well at all... And when you've got a browser shortcut for YouTube and don't use other gapps... I just don't get the purpose.

    Even with Wi-Fi and data off, can't possibly download an app update, our anything... There the services are, running anyway, for no reason.

    It's frustrating...

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    08-23-2016 04:27 AM

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