1. Sesi Man's Avatar
    I have samsung galaxy grand prime (g531f) and since for it to be rooted i had to flash pre-rooted firmware and i did, it worked just fine but i wanted my original firmware and then i put my phone in download mode, connected it to Odin (3.12) and chosen a PDA of my official firmware but i stuck at file analysis setup connection so i unplugged my phone from pc and tryed to exit download mode by taking battery out, then i faced the problem - phone wont boot up at all
    Since this is my main phone i really need it to turn on, does anyone knows what to do or had the same problem and knows how to fix it please replay

    *I found out that my phone was hard bricked* Is there any ways to fix that or should i go to some service so they can fix it?
    10-31-2016 04:34 AM
  2. boomgoesthedynam8's Avatar
    i think you've broken it, you shouldnt have removed the cable when you were flashing
    11-01-2016 04:10 PM

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