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    Recently after doing an hard reset on my LG L90 (d410 dual sim), Lollipop updated to the latest version 5.0.2 V20c-EUR-XX and I started having problems.
    Links2SD can't mount the external partition automatically at boot anymore, and at every reboot I loose all the customized settings of the launcher-home icons and keyboard association etc.
    I suppose all of these problems might be related to Link2SD, because the icons of the apps installed in the internal memory are left in place, and the keyboard remain associated if I don't link it to the external memory.
    Now after every reboot I have to do a quick reboot to link all the linked apps, but I still lose my (stock) launcher icons settings, keyboard association, etc.
    After doing reboot-quick reboot several time in a row after the reset+update, my phone just stopped seeing any app in the external SD, link2sd couldn't mount the partition and it would just hang at every command. I had to hard reset the phone again, and now I want to find the best solution.
    Before the reset and update with the previous version of Lollipop I didn't have all of this troubles and link2sd never had any problem to mount the partition automatically at start up.
    Anybody had a similar problem and what are my options?
    Thank you!
    04-01-2017 08:43 AM

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