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    the call screen of the lollipop is nice one, but it lacks the aim of setting a caller picture .... when someone calls you, you should see his picture and after attending the call or when you dial a call there is no need of seeing the picture because you are on call..... but in lollipop when you receive a call it shows the picture so dark and blur that you have to read to name to verify who is calling that kill the aim to set a caller picture
    e.g in lollipop Android M incoming call screen Concept-pic-2.jpg

    but i try to make a incoming call concept that will focus on the picture and no worries how far is your mobile .... you will see the picture and there is no need to read the name instead..... ( obv if you set the picture for the caller in case )
    Android M incoming call screen Concept-pic.jpg

    is there any way to send feedback to google or a way to google to see this ? may be they consider this or atleast change their current call screen
    07-10-2015 06:22 AM

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