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    How are runtime permissions supposed to work with Apps that aren't compatible but then are updated for runtime permissions? Apps that aren't compatible with runtime permissions obviously have all of their requested permissions. If they are updated for runtime permissions, should they then not have any permissions until you grant them?

    Another specific question I have is related to apps that you revoke permissions for while they're not compatible with runtime permissions but are later updated for them. My example is the Facebook app. After I updated to Marshmallow, my Facebook app was not compatible with runtime permissions, but I revoked the SMS permission. Today, the app updated and is now compatible with runtime permissions. I expected it to work as I asked above and ask for access to permissions after that. However, it still had access to all the permissions except SMS. I know the app supports runtime permissions because I manually revoked the other permissions and the app asked for permissions when I tried to do something that required them. If we revoke permissions of apps that aren't updated for runtime permissions, does that make it assume the other permissions have been granted once it is updated for them?
    10-15-2015 12:39 AM
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    It happened with another app today. I had revoked a couple permissions from the Amazon Shopping app. Today it was updated to support runtime permissions and it still had all permissions granted except those I had previously revoked. Is it going to be like this for any app that I revoke permissions from before they support runtime permissions? I wonder if this is going to happen for any app installed before supporting runtime permissions or just those that I revoke permissions from.
    10-16-2015 10:48 PM

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