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    My SIM-less Nexus 6 (which I'd previously flashed to MRA58X from 58K using the Wugfresh NRT) got the download notification re. the 6.0.1 update last night. It got that notification 3X, and the install failed each time. My attempts to sideload the OTA link version to MMB29K from MRA58X also failed multiple times, evidently because of a "non-standard" release key. Here's the error message:

    Package expects build fingerprint google/shamu/shamu:6.0/mra58x/2353551: user/release-keys or google/shamu/shamu:6.0.1/mmb29k/2419427:user/release-keys;
    this device has google/shamu/shamu:6.0/mra58k/2256973:user/release-keys
    Error in @/cache/recovery/block.map (Status 7)

    So I'm trying to find out what a "release key" is (and BTW Googling that phrase is a fool's game) and find out why my MRA58X phone would've been using a 58K release key?
    12-16-2015 03:34 PM

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