07-26-2016 09:14 PM
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  1. seventhfoo's Avatar
    Yes, and here is why: I had a Huawei mate 7 running kitkat 4.4.2 maybe?. It had a great feature called "Multi-screen". You play a video on your phone, tap the icon in the top right corner, and you send the video to your smart TV. It worked flawlessly and was a great feature.

    I just upgraded to a Huawei mate 8 running marshmallow, and guess which featured was removed or not currently working...WTF. They now seem to call it "Mirrorshare", in the advanced settings, but it is not working. Why would they possibly remove this or put out 6.0 with it broken. And before anyone says "Whats the big deal, get an aftermarket device to stream or plug the phone straight into the TV". WHY!?!? WHEN I USED TO BE ABLE TO TAP A BUTTON.

    Someone also stated that they may have been forced to remove it so the aftermarket streaming devices and apps can make money. If this is true, that is also absolutely insane. Maybe new cars should remove all the turn signals, so the companies that make magnetic lights you put on your bumpers can still stay in business.

    I have a phone and a TV on the same wifi network, the fact that I cant throw my phone video to my smart TV in the year 2016 is absurd.

    /rant off.
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    06-11-2016 02:56 PM
  2. Devang Chheda's Avatar
    I upgraded twice to 6.0 and rolled back to 5.1.1, to me there's no tangible benefits, 5.1.1 is already good enough and 6.0.x is still immature and with bugs...

    what's your experience ? do you regret upgrading too ?
    Yes i Regret Upgrading my Device to Marshmallow. I woukd rather like to Call it Bugsmallow. This Update is full of Bugs and it sucks to be Frank.
    06-14-2016 04:34 AM
  3. Qazi Inam's Avatar
    I have a note 4 and i updated it to marshmallow but i kinda hate it and wanna go back to kit kat..is this possible..my variant is 910c..

    Help required...

    Posted via the Android Central App
    07-17-2016 03:39 PM
  4. greenanon's Avatar
    6. 0 is fine for me on my moto g 3rd gen but it auto updated when I bought it so I have no idea how 5.1.1 was on it

    Posted via the Android Central App from my moto g 3rd Gen
    07-18-2016 08:48 AM
  5. androud_user's Avatar
    after upgrading to marshmallow I said to myself why did I made that change my phone become very slow applications are hanging a lot I wish if I can go back to lollipop it was great I didn't complain about any thing when I was using lollipop in marshmallow when you think about using your sd card as an internal storage you may say it's a fantastic I dear but when it's about realty you will face some problems when you choose this option like applications crashes beside that you can not use your sd card in other devices if android developers want us to be happy they should let us use our sd cards same as before what is the use of using SD card as internal storage if applications saved in that card are not working in a proper way for example if I moved Google sheets and Google DOC to sd card they will never work never . so what are the advantages of using sd card as an internal storage in my opinion nothing
    07-18-2016 12:39 PM
  6. Keithtrader's Avatar
    I want to know how to roll back! Since using marshmallow (less than a week) I've been getting a notification "unable to download please try again later" and also a notification telling me I'm in game mode, and Facebook messenger won't work
    07-20-2016 06:23 AM
  7. Hotpl4te's Avatar
    Yes. I have HTC One M8 Unlocked (No specific carrier).
    It was buggy on Lollipop with Bluetooth to my car (Volvo). I was hoping MM would solve this. It did for a while. But now it won't stay connected to my car for very long and crashes the media system in the car. MM 6.0
    Apparently MM 6.0.1 resolves this, but this update from HTC doesn't seem likely.
    Anyone know how I can put MM 6.0.1 on my HTC One M8 ???
    07-24-2016 01:24 AM
  8. BlueAlchemy17's Avatar
    I don't base my experience on what anyone else is saying, I am basing it on my experience on a moto x pure and an nvidia shield.

    Lollipop shipped on both of those devices and the phone ran flawlessly. The shield had some problems but there are even more with marshmallow. The pure runs marshmallow pretty well but some apps would disappear in adoptive mode, fortunately 32 gb is enough to run it in portable mode.

    Portable mode has gone backwards though as you cannot move any apps at all as you could in lollipop. With the shield I run it in adoptive mode but I have had even more apps disappear using it. If I let the system automatically move apps in adoptive mode it turns to crap. Again, if it were not for doze I would go back in a minute. I do see a difference with doze.

    So I don't personally care what any forums say, just worried about the ones I am running. Hopefully there will be releases that tweak sdcard management some, but as it is I do not see android in my future unless they bring back the ability to move apps in portable mode. To me an sd card in portable mode with the ability to move apps is part of the draw, adoptive mode makes it like an iphone and there is no backing up to the sdcard because when the phone has problems there is no accessing the card. When my tablet went into a boot loop, I think because of the system automatically moving the wrong app, I had to erase phone data and the card was no longer recognized by the phone so I had to format on a pc, it still would not recognize it because it was windows fat32 so I had to format it to dos fat32 on my mac and then it was recognized. My step son just called me 2 days ago for the same thing. His moto g 2015 would not boot up, he had to reset data and then the phone would not recognize or format the card. I sent him a link to an app to format on his pc where the phone would recognize it. I just did mine on a mac as it was easy.

    The point is I have always seen the sd card as a "rescue" disk with android and with adoptive mode it's not. Having everything backed up on the sdcard so that when something happens you can restore from there. Again, with mm in portable mode you cannot move any apps at all so if you need to do that only adoptive mode. There is no moving apps to the card and still having that rescue mode.

    I understand some like it better, that's fine as not everyone is the same. I just came back after close to 2 years of trying iphone and while I do not like ios this was one of the reasons I like android better.

    I'm not sure the percentage, but I know it's still a very small percentage that has marshmallow. If there does happen to be a stink it will probably be later on. I left after jellybean came out and came back right at the end of lollipop so I can't speak of lollipop's release, just the end and it was pretty good by then.

    Just my opinion, if everyone else in the world is happy then good. I just have different needs I guess.
    Thank You!
    07-26-2016 09:11 PM
  9. BlueAlchemy17's Avatar
    Um... Google ADDED microSD card support to Marshmallow; they didn't kill it. 100% of apps can now use microSD card and they eliminated most of the performance issues (other than those caused by the slower speeds of the cards) and almost all security concerns with removable storage. You just said the opposite of what actually took place. Can you please clarify what you meant?
    How do you figure? Adding SD support would be them REVERSING what they did with KitKat! Allowing 3rd party apps to fluidly use external memory would be "ADDING" SD support. Allowing you to format as internal is just turning your phone into a RAID 0 array!
    07-26-2016 09:14 PM
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