1. wessock's Avatar
    Ever since updating my Nexus 6 to Marshmallow, my phone disconnects my bluetooth connection if the audio is paused or no sound is playing after about 15 seconds. If something is playing, it stays connected fine. Example: I'm listening to an audio book through bluetooth in my car. I pull up to the Starbucks drive-through and pause the audio book (using the phone screen) so I can order. By the time I'm done ordering, the phone disconnects from my car's bluetooth and I have to manually reconnect. If I don't play something within 15 seconds, it disconnects again. I've tried turning off battery optimization settings for the obvious things, but didn't make a difference. Anyone have a fix or a similar problem? It worked fine before the update. Not the end of the world, just annoying.
    02-02-2016 10:09 AM
  2. milestogo's Avatar
    I noticed a similar problem after updating to Marshmallow. I'm sitting at my desk and the phone has been disconnecting and connecting with my Jabra Steel headset. The phone has also wiped out my list of paired bluetooth devices a number of times. This is my second Nexus 6 and the first one did the same thing; I thought it was the phone. It is annoying but really annoying when driving and it disconnects or wipes out the list as I'm talking on the phone.
    02-06-2016 07:13 PM

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