1. An_Old_Chestnut's Avatar
    Anyone else experiencing strange widget sizes? For instance, I will add a 1x1 widget but it is distorted (incorrect proportion) after being added (not 1x1 in size). This happens on the stock Google Now launcher and also when I've tried it on the paid version of Nova Launcher. I'm using Marshmallow 6.0.1 This is happening on both my Nexus 6 and 6P.
    Top screenshots shows proper proportions vs the incorrect proportions I'm getting now at the bottom. Phone is not rooted, and I have performed a factory reset which has not solved the issue.

    Incorrect Widget Proportions. I'm stumped.-proper_size.jpg
    Incorrect Widget Proportions. I'm stumped.-improper_size.jpg
    02-17-2016 01:26 PM
  2. Toltepeceno Delsur's Avatar
    Not happening to me with google, nova prime or smart launcher. What happens if you long press on it and click resize, can you not resize it to proper specs and place it properly?
    02-17-2016 01:41 PM
  3. An_Old_Chestnut's Avatar
    I can resize but the proportions are still not correct. In the 1x1 example I posted long pressing and resizing will make it larger than the stated proportion, although it does look "more correct".
    02-17-2016 01:45 PM
  4. Toltepeceno Delsur's Avatar
    Since its not happening to me I'm stumped. I have never seen it happen. Sorry.
    02-17-2016 11:33 PM

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