1. jBerns's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    Since I removed the SIM card from my dual sim phone BQ Aquaris M5 (I only have 1 SIM card in the phone at the moment) running android Marshmallow, every time I try to turn on my mobile data, I get this annoying pop-up message:

    "the SIM card used for mobile data has been changed to SIM 1 (name of the mobile provider).
    Do you want to enable data now?
    - enable in automatic mode (2G/3G/4G)
    - enable in mode 2G"

    I choose the first one and the mobile data turns on, without a problem. So, although I have no issue in using mobile data on my phone, I was wondering if someone knew how to fix this annoying thing. (I tried to look it up but found no answer)

    Thanks in advance
    06-04-2016 05:30 AM
  2. sydneycooper1979's Avatar
    It probably is embedded in the OS. I'm not sure there is a way to get rid of it. Sorry!
    06-04-2016 08:21 AM
  3. Javier P's Avatar
    Hello jBerns, welcome to the forums. I've never used that particular device but the settings shouldn't be too different. Try this. Go to settings - SIM cards - tap on 'mobile data' (on the letters not the switch) and make sure that SIM 1 is selected (see screenshot). After doing this and in the same screen switch 'SIM slot 2' off. Tell us how it goes.
    Attached Thumbnails Annoying thing when turning on mobile data-1465047351954.jpg  
    06-04-2016 08:36 AM
  4. jBerns's Avatar
    Hello Javier,

    I tried your suggestion and it didn't work.

    Thank you for you time
    06-05-2016 03:47 AM
  5. Javier P's Avatar
    There's another place where you could check. Go to settings - more networks - mobile networks and set 'preferred network type' for SIM 1. Some phones include a SIM manager preinstalled to set default actions for both SIM cards. I've never user a BQ device so not sure where it could be. Search for it and see if there's something in there that can be changed.
    06-05-2016 07:59 AM
  6. coldpumpkin's Avatar
    Also happening to me on BQ Aquaris U Plus. jBerns did you fix the issue?
    02-13-2018 11:41 AM

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