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    Hello everyone.

    I am new to the forum and have historically been a Blackberry user and have the Priv which was essentially my first exposure to Android. A great developer on the Crackberry forums enabled us to put BB's Android apps (hub, contacts, etc.) on other Android phones and I have to say, these have really enhanced my Android experience. So, and please don't judge, I bought a Vertu New Signature Touch as I admire the craftmanship (it reminds me of a fine Swiss watch). The factor that pushed me over the edge on this spluge is the fact that I could load BB's Android apps. However, my Vertu is mired in 5.0 with no update in sight and I would like to update my BB apps but in order to so so, I have to have 6.0 or greater. I found this link during a general search: Upgrade/Update Vertu Signature Touch to 6.0 Marshmallow. However, I have not been able to get past the stupid "surveys" you have to fill out in order to download the files. Is there someone on this forum that has successfully done this or are there directions here for a generic install that I can follow...with an easily downloaded version of 6.0 or above?

    Thanks in advance for any help and let me know if I need to provide any more information to achieve this.

    08-02-2016 01:28 PM
  2. kfehling's Avatar
    08-03-2016 12:45 PM

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