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    On my last few (literally 3-4 phones, I switch every two months or so) I've noticed a CONSTANT problem where when I type out a sentence or paragraph etc and there are inevitably corrections I have to make, when I put the cursor where needed to make the corrections I then start to make the correction the cursor IMMEDIATELY jumps somewhere (sometimes forward, sometimes backwards) within 1-3 words of where I was and thus he correction I was making not only doesn't fix what I was correcting, but creates a new typo that I now need to correct. Sometimes this can go on for so long i just give up. Other times it happens once, maybe twice and I can finally get it done.

    I primarily use the Google keyboard, but for ****s and giggles I've also tried Swiftkey and the standard Samsung keyboard with my previous phones (note 5 and s7e).

    I can't figure this out and it's DRIVING ME NUTS!

    This seems to be a Marshmallow thing as it NEVER was a problem before Marshmallow but it has been a problem on every phone I've owned with Marshmallow and it's ALSO doing it on my tab s2 8" ever since it got Marshmallow.

    Please help!
    08-05-2016 10:51 AM

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