1. maddie1124's Avatar
    When I go to open Chrome on my Galaxy s6 I get a notice that says WARNING! Your phone has (3) Virus!
    The Virus may corrupt your data.
    Please follow the instructions to remove the Virus.

    It says the threat is from Backdoor.AndroidOS.Obad.a and that I should open the app to remove the virus or my phone will lock up in 1 day.

    This does not sound legit to me. Anyone else get this? And how do I get rid of it? I can't use the browser because it won't go away.
    08-14-2016 09:56 PM
  2. spagman's Avatar
    Don't think it's legit... Try deleting/ wiping your browser cache, that should fix it.
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    08-15-2016 12:11 AM
  3. MousePad's Avatar

    Unless you installed an app to scan for viruses yourself, don't believe this kind of message.

    Wiping browser cache could fix it, or see what your start page is in the browser settings. Last resort would be a factory reset. If you reset your device, make sure you backup whatever you want to keep first.
    08-18-2016 10:33 AM
  4. UBiggo's Avatar
    This actually happened to me more than once before. It turns out the virus detected message is fake. No problem with my phone at all.
    08-18-2016 01:02 PM
  5. IchBinSkyr's Avatar
    Yeah got the message myself and running my own virus software produced no threats. It is fake. It's scary to see but that's what it's trying to prey on, someone who wouldn't question it and do as it says to install software that would be malicious.
    08-21-2016 01:57 AM
  6. lance corson's Avatar
    I have a vpn service and it fixes that. No pop ups or advertisments.
    08-23-2016 10:16 AM

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