1. ZeroEcho99's Avatar
    Hi all

    New to Android and had a question with my new phone.

    When I receive a call and the phone is in standby mode the phone wakes up but whenever I receive a text, email, whatsapp, I hear the sound notification go off but the screen stays in standby mode.

    Am I missing something please? Every phone I've ever had the phone comes out of standby whenever I received any form of notification but this one doesn't. The notifications are there on the lock screen but it doesn't pull the phone out of standby mode.

    On the latest build of 6.01.

    Thanks in advance
    08-18-2016 09:55 AM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Hi there,

    It will depend on the phone and the app that's creating the notification. Some apps will do this by default (calls, texts) and others need to have that option. Most apps, however, opt for using the much-less-battery-intensive notification LED rather than flashing the screen every time a notification is received (and quite frankly, one of the many reasons why I kept throwing my work iPhone to the wall... I just hate seeing the screen come on for that!).
    08-18-2016 11:37 AM

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