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    So, I really don't understand the deal with the apps like 360 Security, Clean Master, 360 Battery etc. I install one of these apps, read somewhere why it's not needed and delete it, then, like clockwork, a few weeks later, my phone slows down. I try things like restarting, changing GPS/battery usage settings, etc...nothing works. I download a utility, run it once, issue goes away....Then I get paranoid and delete again.

    Let me explain my background. I'm using a Galaxy S7 Active, my only other previous Android phone was an S4 Active. I also have a Galaxy Tab. I forget which one but I bought it in 2013 and it runs Lollipop. I've alternated between Samsungs and iPhones a couple times now. I've lost two iPhones to water damage and subsequently replaced them with Actives... I LIKE the simpler iPhone experience. While I can't say I never had issues with random battery drain and lag, it was much less frequent than w/ my Android devices. I don't like to tinker. I could care less about customization and switching to a different launcher etc.... I just want a phone that does cool stuff, lol.

    Today I noticed my battery was draining rapidly. I tinkered for hours with various settings. Nothing helped. Reinstalled 360 security, it pointed out there was a huge amount of "Samsung Junk," I allowed it to be deleted and now everything is back to normal. I had the same experience w/ my Galaxy Tab. It had become unusable without being plugged in. Battery life was maybe an hour at most while watching video. I just assumed since I've had it 3-4 years the battery was on its way out. I ran the 360 battery app on it and it's like new. I promise this isn't some covert advertisement. I just want to know if I'm imagining this or what? And if they DO work, why do you have to use stuff like this on an Android device to make it work smoothly?
    09-23-2016 03:36 PM
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    BTW, looking at my battery usage chart this morning, Android System and Google Play services were each using 32 and 25% battery life. Now, they are using 15 and 10% and my screen is the biggest battery user (at 25%), which seems more normal...
    09-23-2016 03:40 PM

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