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    I am LG G5 running: 6.0.1. I had issues with this on vacation in another country. I would keep airplane mode on to avoid any sort of background roaming fees that may occur. However, I still needed wifi at our accomadation so I could use the internet for planning. While in airplane mode certain wifi networks would not appear while in airplane mode. I could see other wifi networks while in airplane mode, but not the accomadation's wifi in airplane mode. I have an apple iPhone 4 I use for music still and I could see the wifi network while in airplane mode. Eventually for no reason the network became visible for connection and I was able to connect to wifi in airplane mode. However, it would occassionally dissappear again.

    (Wifi was turned on, phone reset, factory reset performed, issue replicated on two different androids LG G5 and Nexus 5).

    Does anyone know why Android 6.0.1 is unable to locate and connect to certain wifi networks while in airplane mode?

    Any help will be appreciated - thanks,
    11-02-2016 02:52 PM
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    While I have a different phone, a Samsung S7, I'm running the same version of Android. I was in Scandinavia in August, and did the same thing you did, phone in airplane mode and wifi on. I also had wifi calling enabled. I didn't have any problems that I noticed, I was able to find wifi where ever I went, and the wifi calling worked perfect. I was able to make and receive phone calls with no issues. I had my Ipad with, and didn't notice any differences with the wifi between the 2.

    The only thing I can think of is that there are different wifi channels/frequencies. I think Japan uses a couple other countries don't. There maybe a couple other counties that do that?

    11-02-2016 03:19 PM

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