1. kakenx's Avatar
    On the top left of the bar where app icons appear (messages, missed calls, active apps, etc) there seems to be a blank space/invisible icon? I'm not sure what caused this. Anyone have any useful details about this?

    Here's a screenshot: http://imgur.com/a/SWidi
    11-08-2016 10:38 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I've seen app notifications that are solid white squares, as if they forgot to create a notification icon, or that particular aspect of the app is buggy. I've never seen it be completely blank, but it could still be due to a buggy app notification. If you swipe down the notification panel, does it seem to correspond to anything?
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    11-09-2016 07:41 PM
  3. kakenx's Avatar
    Oh thanks! It belongs to a Flashlight app seems like. This wasn't happening before with the app, but I've uninstalled it and it has become normal again.
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    11-09-2016 11:17 PM

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