1. Black_shadow's Avatar
    i have a galaxy j7(6) 2016 model, i bought it in september and its still under warranty, but yesterday suddenly it started connecting and disconnecting to my home wifi network when i tried entering wifi settings it says "internet not available" under my wifi connection name. It works fine with other networks as i connected to my brother's mobile hotspot and also with my neighbour's wifi but not working with my home wifi and my homes wifi network also works fine with all other devices except my phone, I have already tried rebooting the device and router and also restored my device to its factory setting but didnt work and also tried to reset my router but no effect, what should i do?? any solutions??
    12-13-2016 09:32 AM
  2. TenshiNo's Avatar
    Try deleting the WiFi connection on your device, and then add it back. Go to your phone's WiFi settings, long-press your home WiFi, and select "Forget Network". If you want to be extra conservative, you can reboot your device. Then, from WiFi settings on your phone, tap your home WiFi and enter your password to reconnect.

    It *sounds* like maybe something got confused with the connection and it's not able to properly connect, possibly because of an authentication issue.

    As a secondary test, download "WiFi Analyzer" from the Play Store (free) and see what it shows the signal strength is. Also, make sure that you're router isn't on a heavily congested channel.


    If none of that works, it might be a configuration issue with the router itself. For that, you would have to log into the router's management screen and look at logs and settings to see if anything looks "off". Hopefully, just "re-pairing" to the WiFi fixes it for you.
    12-13-2016 01:24 PM
  3. yamnawaseem's Avatar
    i have the same exact issue with my samsung galaxy j7 prime my phone isnt connecting to my home wifi but will connect to others. And my wifi is working on my laptop and other devices so i dont know what to do. i restarted my phone, forgot my network,, even restarted my router. it still says 'internet not available' under my home wifi network please help!
    11-20-2017 10:48 AM
  4. felipe avila1's Avatar
    I have the same problem on my s9plus...... Usually happened and with a static ip I was able to. Fix it. Now nothing works.. Recently left for a day used other WiFi networks..... Came back and it worked for a day and then next. Morning stoped working and other phones connect and my TV connects to the wifi good.... Tried everything reboots... Forgetting networks resetting.
    05-27-2018 12:48 PM