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    I posted this without joining and could not find my post, & perhaps it did not post, so I joined the Community Forum now, and am posting it again.

    Hello everyone, Happy Holidays and many thanks for any help resolution replies.

    I am just a very concerned tired Mom, & no one in my family is really tech savvy......so please help me if you can.

    My disabled ill elderly Brother bought my 4 sons the above NuVision Android tablets running Marshmallow, and 1 has been already opened & used, but has problems I shall list below:

    My 21 year old Son followed all instructions, registered tablet on Google, got email account and downloaded a few free Google Play apps, one of which was a battery app from the Google Play Store. He charged the tablet and it worked fine for 2 days but as of this morning when he presses the power button the photo of a battery app comes on and remains there flashing on and off without booting into the home page main screen. (It also does not display a full charge and he fully charged the tablet). No matter how many times he recharged this tablet the flashing battery app still appears not displaying a full charge, and then the screen goes black. He cannot recall if that flashing battery app is a pre installed NuVision battery app, or the Google Play Store app he downloaded & installed.

    He tried holding the power and volume minus buttons at the same time to do a factory reset, but that same battery app keeps displaying and flashing then the screen turns black again. He also tried to put in very gently the tip of a pen into the pin hole to do a factory reset but nothing happens.

    The NuVision tech support is not responding to emails at all, and when he calls them and explains they hang up.

    I wish to have my Brother pick up the defective tablet and return it for a full refund since it cost him a lot of money from his disability check to buy 4 of these tablets, but I know all my Son’s personal & user information will still be on it, & fear he will become a victim of identity theft since he also did some banking and accessed his many other Internet Accounts & his Google accounts & Google mail account, so his internet password info and all his passwords are still stored on the defective tablet.

    Would greatly appreciate best way to completely erase all personal & user information still on the tablet so it can be returned to the Seller without any of my Son’s user or personal information still stored on it.

    Also wish to know does the Seller who is the Manufacturer have the ability to still access all the personal information even if the tablet has been wiped by a reputable software app?

    I read on the Internet that a factory reset will not wipe the Android tablet clean and now since it is defective and won’t boot up to the homepage but still constantly displays that battery app, flashes constantly then screen goes black, is there a way to completely erase the tablet so it can be returned for a full refund?

    Thanks for any and all expert replies, and wishing all Happy Safe Holidays.
    12-22-2016 04:57 AM
  2. Tiredperson's Avatar
    Good Evening to All

    I was hoping someone with experience relative to this tablet problem could offer a solution, if there is a solution available,
    and I do hope there is a workable solution available and that I will read a reply soon or this will be a miserable Christmas
    with no working tablet to keep as his Christmas Gift, from my disabled Brother......
    12-23-2016 07:48 PM
  3. circumflexus's Avatar
    to answer your question down in paragraph 10, they shouldn't be able to. The only way that should be a YES is if it were the FBI or NSA. Money- or Cost- wise, returning it for a refund would be best for you if it weren't for the personal info used on it. You could try The Geek Squad, just a suggestion. You're fortunate, I have the same type tablet, but it can't update anything ! Also ask 1 of this website's guru's through their messaging option. Let me know if u don't know any of their profile names.
    05-07-2017 07:21 AM
  4. pepperfrost's Avatar
    yeah... the same happened to my tablet, i think at least..
    Earlier this morning i turned it on and it wont stop blinking NUVISON , for when u turn it on.
    It sits there with the logo for a few seconds, then goes black and does it again.
    I even tried Restarting it, by holding the power and volume down button for 10 seconds, but it doesn't work! ITS SO INFURIATING!
    Actually the chargers suck too. me and my sister had two other tablets, and the charging ports broke on them both! Then even when you plugged it up to a charger, they never charged. Im so mad! They were a waste of maney and noone should buy them...

    But a hopeful answer, maybe it will stop when the battery dies? Idk, but if anyone has ideas, plz help?
    02-23-2018 01:31 PM

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