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    Has anyone else noticed how sluggish Amazon Prime Video gets on Android if you are trying to use a bluetooth headset or bluetooth headphones for audio? I see a few people complaining about this on Amazon's forums but no resolution, and it seems this has been a problem for some time. The problem does not exist when using the phone speaker or the headphone jack, only bluetooth devices (I've tested a Bose BT2, Plantronics Voyager Legend, Sennheiser Presence and TaoTronics headphones and all cause the same problem).

    Are they any Android 6 devices that aren't affected by this, and has anyone with Android 7 noticed whether or not any improvements have been made?

    I love the S7 Active I have, but this is one annoying issue that keeps sending me back to my iPhone, which doesn't exhibit the problem at all.
    01-01-2017 12:50 PM

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