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    I'm using a Moto G Play with Android 6.0.1

    What I'm looking for is an app that has the ability to send an email notification whenever my phone rings. I tried installing PushBullet but it seems to lack that one function.

    So to be clear, i'd want an email notification sent whenever the phone rings, not just when there is a message left. I don't mind a paid app as long as it has that functionality

    06-17-2017 06:20 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Don't know of a specific app (I thought Pushbullet would be able to do that, weird), but maybe you can try an automation app like Tasker where you set it up to compose and send an e-mail when the phone rings? Not sure, however, if for Tasker to 'catch' the phone's ring status it needs root or not (or if at all possible), but it's worth a shot. You can
    06-18-2017 02:49 AM
  3. tembar's Avatar
    Thanks for responding SpookDroid,

    Don't know of a specific app (I thought Pushbullet would be able to do that, weird),
    I'm new to Android, so I could be wrong. But I looked in every PushBullet menu I could find both in the phone's app and the accompanying PC app. PushBullet will send a notification to the PC app when a message is left on the phone, but I see no settings to send any kind of notification to email.

    I sent an inquiry to PushBullet customer support but so far no answer.

    This is the first cell phone I've owned since the mid 2000's so I'm pretty green on how it all works. I'm not sure what an ' automation app' is, or what it means to 'root' so I'll look into that.
    06-18-2017 01:00 PM
  4. tembar's Avatar
    Success! I was finally able to do it with an app called IFTTT. After multiple crashes, re-installing, throwing my phone across the room a few times I got it to work! It works with 'Android phone call' app? service? native feature? (I don't know what thingy it is) After multiple attempts it eventually synced with my gmail.

    It's an Applet - Applet ID 56013594d
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    06-18-2017 02:36 PM
  5. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Glad you got it sorted! IFTTT is similar to Tasker, they're both apps to automate tasks on your phone based on certain conditions (hence the name for the first, a common statement in computer programming: If this (happens), Then (do) That).

    They're very powerful but sometimes phones can lock down certain features to keep the phone secure. Rooting basically means leaving your phone's door wide open, so apps can access deeper functions that would otherwise be restricted. That means more things are possible, but it comes at the risk of increased exposure and security vulnerability (just like leaving your house unlocked... it can help let the neighbors in to water your plants without a key while away, but it also means that if a burglar tries to open the door it will offer no resistance... same thing here).
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    06-18-2017 09:05 PM

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