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    Just within the last few days (one week at most), Chrome seems to think I'm in a different time zone than I really am. For example, when I look at starting times of games on ESPN, it shows the Central time zone instead of Eastern time zone. Same thing happens with MLSSoccer.com. However, when I type in "current time" as a Google search, it correctly recognizes that I am in the Eastern time zone.

    On a possibly related note, for a few days within the past week, my system time was also screwed up, but that issue seems to be corrected now. (it was also thinking I was in the Central time zone). That issue now seems to be fixed, but the Chrome issue still exists.

    I have tried this on multiple different WiFi hotspots and by using my regular Verizon connection, with the same results on each occasion. It has also happened in vastly different locations, not just at my home location.

    I did not find a setting within Chrome that might have gotten screwed up. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
    07-05-2017 08:31 PM

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