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    The particulars:

    - I have 2 phones (an S7 and an S7 edge) that connect to my home router via wi-fi and thus, through those connections, to the WAN. They had been doing so without issue since 2016.

    - Prior to this morning, my ISP's DHCP server would instantaneously assign my 'static' WAN IP to either phone every time wi-fi was activated on the same.

    - This morning when I woke up, I noticed that my S7's wi-fi calling icon on the notification strip had changed to gray and that cycling wi-fi calling off and on made no difference - the icon remained gray.

    - The two IP monitor apps on the S7 (IP Track and IP Widget) showed that no WAN IP had been granted to the device via the router - which was never the case before this morning.

    - My S7 edge still immediately obtains my static WAN IP upon activation of wi-fi. It works perfectly in this regard, as it always has. It's only my S7 that has been failing since this morning.

    - I tried power cycling the S7 and the router (Comtrend VR-3031u) ... but the problem prevailed.

    - I swapped the router with a brand-new cloned backup VR-3031u ... but the problem prevailed.

    - The S7 will connect to a neighbor's VR-3031u router and obtain a WAN IP upon the connection (same ISP) ... but wi-fi calling still won't activate.

    - Perhaps importantly, my S7 is still running Marshmallow (v6.01), whereas my S7 edge is running Nougat.

    - I contacted my ISP and asked if they might have inadvertently blocked my S7's MAC address - they claim not.

    So... what happened to my S7 last night while it was sitting on a table a few feet from me? What broke? Did Sprint or Google push an update to my S7 that broke it, perhaps so I would be forced to upgrade the OS? I can't think of anything else that might explain the situation. With wi-fi off, the device *does* obtain a Sprint WAN IP, and thus has Internet connectivity. It generally works fine on the cellular connection. Any thoughts?


    10-06-2017 11:54 PM

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