1. tablefor4's Avatar
    Over the last couple of days something has happened and now the bluetooth on my Samsung Galaxy S5 surges on and off continuously. I cannot turn it on and have it stay on, or turn it off and have it stay off.

    This is what I've tried so far:
    Clearing the cache on Bluetooth Share, Midi and Test
    Putting it in flight mode for 5 minutes and turning it back on
    Wiping the cache partition
    Starting it in safe mode (it still does it even in safe mode)
    Factory reset out of desperation

    Still no joy

    The bluetooth is sucking the battery dry in about 4 or 5 hours.

    Any suggestions?

    Or am I faced with a faulty bluetooth adaptor? In which case, how do I disable it? (I do use bluetooth, but it won't be the end of the world if I can't)
    11-24-2017 01:48 AM
  2. woodmonkey's Avatar
    Have to say, it's so weird... I have never met it before. Why not send it for repair?
    11-24-2017 02:29 AM
  3. tablefor4's Avatar
    Cos I'm too cheap, haha
    11-24-2017 03:17 AM
  4. tablefor4's Avatar
    It's $250 to repair the bluetooth, so I could buy a second hand phone for less than that (plus my screen is cracked, and it's another $250 to fix that). So I'd be happy if I could just disable the bluetooth.
    11-28-2017 09:32 PM

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