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    I've had my Galaxy S5 for nearly 3 years. Just in the last 8-9 months, I have noticed at random times, when I'm not even touching it, the flash will go off. Not as bright as the camera flash when I have the flash on and take a picture,(I tested it immediately after I realized it was doing this again) but still bright enough for me to notice! Tonight was the 1st time in about 2 months that it has done this but it was a regular occurence in early summer and the regularity of it slowed down as the summer went on.

    For example, tonight I was laying here watching tv (its dark in my room) my phone was about a foot away from me and I saw a flash out of the corner of my eye. No camera shudder sound like normal when I'm taking a photo, and again, not as bright of a flash, (which is also set to on) but it was bright enough to get my attention. I picked it up and looked at it and it flashed 3 more times - not in any consistent time patterns, but 3 more times within about 1 1/2 minutes so i checked but there were no active apps. There is no way the camera could have been bumped because I was nowhere near it or handling it in any way and neither were my dogs.

    Im not a paranid person, but i cant help but wonder- Could this be my nut job ex spying on me with some sort of remote install spy app? He was ordered by a judge to not have any contact with me after he was arrested May 1st and that's approximately when i started noticing the flashes on my phone.
    The crazy thing is right before that, I got an email from him and when I opened it up, it was blank. I thought maybe it was my connection so I closed out all of my apps and restarted my phone and when I went to look for the email to try reading it again, I couldn't find it. I looked in every folder and all three email accounts and then I looked from my computer and it's nowhere to be found. Its like the email deleted itself.

    Any have any suggestions on this? Is there anything in Android 6 that would cause this or does anyone know where or what I should look for in terms of locating any deceptiful apps? It is really starting to bug me a bit, and has me slighly worried so if anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears!
    01-20-2018 01:50 AM
  2. pidjones's Avatar
    Some phones can be set to flash on ring. Check that setting.
    01-22-2018 05:46 AM

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