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    My phone is a Blu Life One X, with Android 6.0. (It is 6.0, not 6.0.1) Originally came with Android 5, and they finally updated it to 6.0 last summer. Service provider is Ting, which uses Sprint's network. Got 3 annoying unresolved probs with it.

    1st problem:

    Two days ago, a notification popped up and when I touched it, up came a scare message that my phone might be at risk and I should visit this website: mobile-up-to-date.site, which currently has an IP address of Checking, I find that site is very new. Yeah, shows all the signs of a scam.

    Then this morning, an ad for a pedometer popped up in my notifications. The app responsible for this and the first notification is supposedly a system app, Android Tools Checking its settings, the only one that looks like it might have a bearing is "Allow peeking", which was on, but now I've turned it off. The name "Android Tools" is so generic, searches don't find anything specific.

    I've sideloaded a few apps from various websites that provide apks. Maybe they aren't trustworthy and I shouldn't have. Could well be where this mysterious Android Tools 3.1.2 came from, sneakily bundled with a legit app. Which of those sites are known pushers of malware?

    2nd problem:

    To me, the big reason to allow the upgrade to 6.0 was the visual voicemail. That worked for a short while, and then 2 months ago it just vanished. I had the 4 icons on the phone screen, the star, clock face, people, and tape reel. Now the tape reel is just gone, and so is the visual voicemail. Took me a while to figure this out, as at first, I thought I'd misremembered where voice mail was. Others have encountered this problem, and say they restored it by clearing memory, restarting the phone. Didn't work for me. What the heck happened? Did Ting remove it? Does this Android feature have a bug? A system update went wrong? A virus?

    3rd problem:

    I don't want to use cellular data. Costs more money to allow it. Of course, the upgrade from 5 to 6 ignored my settings and turned cellular data back on, so I got dinged for a month before I learned of it and shut it off again.

    But this causes several difficulties. I can't view attachments to text messages, not even the little ones that are just slightly longer text messages turned into files to get around that miserable 140 character limit.

    The other annoyance with this is the way Android is designed to make it hard to keep cellular data off. Who is my phone for, me or the service provider?? So I have found 2 settings that keep cellular data shut down, but they leave 2 permanent notifications on my screen: "Background data restricted. Touch to remove restriction", and "Cellular data limit reached. Data paused for rest of cycle." I set the data limit to 0 bytes. The background restriction notice is especially evil in its design. There's no way to get rid of those messages within the system, seems I have to use a 3rd party app to edit a system configuration file, which, guess what? Doesn't seem to exist! Maybe it's hidden, or maybe it really does not exist. So much for Google's "don't be evil", eh?

    Bad enough having to deal with the possibility of malware, but when you also can't trust the hardware manufacturer, creator of the OS, or the service provider either, I'm seriously considering walking away from smart phones.
    03-10-2018 11:59 AM
  2. nrogers94's Avatar
    getting the exact same spam. please let me know if you find a solution. I will keep looking.

    I am extremely unhappy with this phone adn with Blu. I was forced to update to 6.0, which broke widgets, apps, and many other features. I now have 0.9 to 1.2GB of ram dedicated to the OS/andriod/UI. I've tried to kill and delete the junk but I can no longer run more than one app at a time. Anything that goes to the background has to restart when I flip back to it.

    The biggest problem I am having is that the majority of the playstore apps do not work anymore unless you download the apk from sketch sites. They can update just fine through the play store, but Netflix, snapchat, instagram, and more do not start up if initially downloaded from the play store. Not sure if you had the same issue. No factory reset, no Google support, and no Blu support has been able to fix it. So maybe one of these sites had bloatware hidden in the .apk
    03-15-2018 06:10 PM
  3. bzipitidoo's Avatar
    No resolution yet. Android Tools is still spamming me, though Allow Peeking is off. I can Force Stop it, and suffer no ill effects, but it's still there and Android eventually restarts it and then I get spammed again.

    Shouldn't there be an Android reference somewhere with a list of all the apps? Like, so that it's easier to check your phone for crapware? Haven't found one, but I made a list of all the apps on my phone. (Maybe there isn't any such list and hiding crapware is why?) Seems there ought to be an easier way to make this list than hand copying the list that Settings gives. There are 161 apps total: 52 included apps, 99 system apps, and 10 non-system apps that I'm fairly sure I installed. There were 3 more until I uninstalled them for bothering me. I started Pedometer to learn what it was, and it responded by taking that as license to nag me hours later that I hadn't done enough walking. The other two were Top Buzz and Top Clean.

    Probably a few of the apps I listed as included or system are actually ones I forgot that I installed. One thing that stands out is the version numbers of most of the system apps are either 6.0-1495002793 or 1.0. I have disabled Blu Help.

    Apps I installed
    Genius Sorting 1 1.0.2
    imo 9.8.000000009801
    Karateka 1.02
    Mini Metro 1.4.2
    miniNoteViewer 0.41
    Pokemon GO 0.61.0
    slither.io 1.5.0
    Ticket to Ride 2.2.2-4337-5a44a335
    Included apps
    Amazon Kindle
    Android System Webview 65.0.3325.109
    Apps & Games
    Beacon Flashlight 1.53
    Blu Help 2.5
    Calculator 7.1.1 (3300836)
    Calendar 5.8.22-187024718
    Camera 20160142
    Chrome 65.0.3325.109
    Clock 4.2.1 (2383161)
    Cloud Print 1.37
    com.pivotmobile.android.metrics 1.0
    Device Policy 6.81
    Downloads 6.0-1495002793
    Duo 29.1.188633037.DR29_RC14
    Email 6.0-1495002793
    Empire 1.46.41
    File Manager 1.0
    Gallery 20160163
    Google Keyboard
    Google Play Books
    Google Play Games 5.5.81 (187410503.187410503-000408)
    Google Play Movies & TV
    Google Play Music 8.7.6773-1.A
    Google Play Newsstand 4.7.1
    Google Play services 12.2.21 (448-188803320)
    Google Play services for instant Apps 2.17-release-188509142
    Google Play Store 9.1.24-all[0][PR]187901561
    Google Text-to-speech Engine 3.14.12
    Hangouts 24.0.182154523
    Launcher3 6.0-1495002793
    Maps 9.72.2
    Messages 2.9.052 (Tuba_RC12_xxhdpi.arm64-v8a.phone)
    Music 6.0-1495002793
    News & Weather 3.4.8 (182006750)
    NextRadio 4.0.2249-release
    Opera 45.1.2246.125351
    Pedometer 2.1
    Phone 6.0-1495002793
    Prime Video
    Settings 6.0-1495002793
    SIM Toolkit 6.0-1495002793
    Sound Recorder 6.0-1495002793
    Videos 20160134
    YouTube 13.09.57
    System apps
    Android Live Wallpapers 6.0-1495002793
    Android System 6.0-1495002793
    Android Tools
    Atci_service 1.0
    Auto Dialer 1.0
    Basic Daydreams 6.0-1495002793
    Black Hole 1.0
    BLU HTML Viewer 6.0-1495002793
    Bluetooth MIDI Service 6.0-1495002793
    Bluetooth Share 6.0-1495002793
    Bookmark Provider 6.0-1495002793
    BootReceiverImage 1.0
    BSPTelephonyDevTool 1.0
    Bubbles 1.0
    Calendar Storage 6.0-1495002793
    Call Log Backup/Restore 6.0-1495002793
    CaptivePortalLogin 6.0-1495002793
    Certificate Installer 6.0-1495002793
    CMAS 1.0
    com.android.backupconfirm 6.0-1495002793
    com.android.carrierconfig 1.0.0
    com.android.managedprovisioning 6.0-1495002793
    com.android.providers.partnerbookm.. 6.0-1495002793
    com.android.sharedstoragebackup 6.0-1495002793
    com.android.wallpaper.holospiral 6.0-1495002793
    com.android.wallpapercropper 6.0-1495002793
    com.google.android.setupwizard.ove.. 6.0-1495002793
    com.mediatek 6.0-1495002793
    com.mediatek.batterywarning 6.0-1495002793
    com.mediatek.voiceextension 1.0
    com.mediatek.voiceunlock 6.0-1495002793
    ConfigUpdater 6.0.1
    Contacts Storage 6.0-1495002793
    Documents 6.0-1495002793
    Download Manager 6.0-1495002793
    DRM Protected Content Storage 6.0-1495002793
    Emergency alerts 6.0-1495002793
    EngineerMode 1.0
    EWTS 6.0-1495002793
    Exchange Services 6.4.123892212.release
    Exchange Services 6.0-1495002793
    External Storage 6.0-1495002793
    FaceBeauty Editor 20160119
    FM Radio 2.0
    FotaProvider 5.1.5
    Fused Location 6.0-1495002793
    FwkPlugin 1.0
    Google Account Manager 6.0.1
    Google Backup Transport 6.0.1
    Google Contacts Sync 6.0.1
    Google One Time Init 6.0.1
    Google Partner Setup 6.0.1
    Google Services Framework 6.0.1
    HTML Viewer 6.0-1495002793
    Input Devices 6.0-1495002793
    Intent Filter Verification Service 1.0
    Key Chain 6.0-1495002793
    LeatherSheath 1.0
    Live Wallpaper Picker 6.0-1495002793
    LocationEM2 1.0
    Market Feedback Agent 6.0.1
    Media Storage 6.0-1495002793
    MiraVision 6.0-1495002793
    MmsService 6.0-1495002793
    Mobile Services 2.1.034-1064
    MTK Thermal Manager 1.0
    MtkFloatMenu 1.0
    MTKLogger 4.2.0
    MusicFX 1.4
    Omacp 6.0-1495002793
    Opera Branding Provider 1.0
    Opera Preinstall Data 1.0
    Package Access Helper 6.0-1495002793
    Package installer 6.0.1
    PacProcessor 6.0-1495002793
    Phase Beam 1.0
    Phone Call Management 6.0-1495002793
    Phone Services 6.0-1495002793
    Phone/Mesaging Storage 6.0-1495002793
    Photo Screensavers 6.0-1495002793
    Print Spooler 1
    ProductInfo 1.0
    ProxyHandler 6.0-1495002793
    Schedule power on & off 6.0-1495002793
    Search Applications Provider 6.0-1495002793
    Settings Storage 6.0-1495002793
    Setup Wizard 2.0
    Shell 6.0-1495002793
    Smart Action 1.0
    Smart Gesture
    System UI 6.0-1495002793
    Trusted Face 6.0.1
    User Dictionary 6.0-1495002793
    VCalendar 1.0
    VoiceCommand 1.0
    VpnDialogs 6.0-1495002793
    Warranteer 2.13
    Wireless Update 5.9
    YGPS 1.1
    03-19-2018 01:30 PM

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