1. Ryan Stone1's Avatar
    I have a samsung s6 edge,
    which the charging port broke on,
    i fixed it myself through parts brought on ebay.
    i replaced the battery aswell as the charging port chip
    and broke the screen in the process.
    This mobile is the only access i have to one of my old
    gmail accounts, which has manyy emails, app/game progress and
    other photos I would like to keep.
    it charges sporadically but not all the time & i can only get it to turn on
    maybe once a week. sometimes it just cuts out and looses power
    other times it will stay on for hours and works fine. one caveat is that when its charging, it will report seaming random numbers say going from 100% right down to 10 -15% or dieing completely and then back up to 100....
    is this something on the ic? intergrated chip, is it fixable? if not is it something in the charging port chip. if it is not fixable is it possible to clone the device with active loggins. i have tried everything to recover this gmail. but this does not seem to be an option. annoying because i have game progress on multiple apps which is about 4 years of levels/progress and other info, photos, logins, paypal etc....
    09-11-2019 09:33 PM
  2. Galactic Zoo's Avatar
    Take it to a repair shop. It is impossible to diagnose hardware issues without being able to examine and test the device. Most of your data will be backed up in Google. It's easy to recover lost log in details. You will find game data does not get backed up so you would need to use Helium for this.For your Google account see https://accounts.google.com/signin/v...y=ServiceLogin
    09-12-2019 04:17 AM

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