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    I understand, everybody's going against me on this one, fine. The deal is... Unless you own a Nexus phone, you're going to have to sell your phone to get the latest OS update or security update. All the manufacturers are not going to update the phones anyway. After a few years they just drop the phones from the upgrade path so that you keep buying new phones. Leasing a phone seems to make the most sense, especially if they have those deals where they refund half the monthly payment (or more) and you can update within a set time frame (T-Mo 18 months). You get a recent phone that stays updated, along with security updates if needed.

    There's also the problem of passing on a phone on that won't be updated much past a certain point. That is why I won't buy certified used phones anymore, even from the providers (T-Mo again). Even if they get upgraded to a newer OS, It's most likely the security updates won't follow. I know, Android N is here and I've heard about the possibility of security updates without having to change the core code of a manufacturer's skinned OS. I've also heard manufacturers are not inclined to operate this way and will therefore probably not do so. Again, they want people to keep upgrading to their phones as much as possible.

    I'm saving $300 on my phone right now up front for the 18 months and I won't pay the additional 6 months because I'll be upgrading. That's a saving of about $470 on a phone almost $670. If I buy the phone and sell it 18 months later, It will probably only sell for $400 or less. I would actually lose anywhere between $70-170 depending on the fees of the website I'm selling on. Yes so I'm basically on a contract again, but T-Mo has a clause that says I can completely back out of their service if I'm not happy, only I'll have to keep paying on the phone (not at once, anymore). Also I can jump three times a year to new phones, if they just don't work out. I'm just mentioning this for people who say they could just sell there phone and get the money back. Again, I'm just passing on a phone that might not get updated. For those who say they don't care because it's not there problem anymore; you might be the buyer and therefore you should care a little.
    03-17-2016 12:12 AM
  2. nahoku's Avatar
    I guess it would matter if you actually cared about updates. I'm still on Kitkat (phone and tablet) with no intention of updating anytime soon. I also run WinXP on my PC and laptops. Updates aren't everything, and in fact, sometimes they make matters worse, take away functionality, and become an eyesore.
    03-17-2016 03:28 AM

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