1. anon(9072051)'s Avatar
    Just started happening this week. Ringtone volume has suddenly dropped while setting ringtone in Settings and for the first ring on incoming calls. This is true for every ringtone on the phone: pre-installed system options, tones I already downloaded from Zedge, and any new tones I download from Zedge. I can remember people complaining about this with Lollipop though I've never experienced it myself in LP or MM. Happens with Alarm volume, too, but not Media volume.

    I've deleted the most recent apps I've downloaded, but no change. I'll try uninstalling and reinstalling Zedge to see if a recent update to it caused the problem, but since low ringtone volume seems to have been a known Android OS issue, I'm inclined to think its a bug in the system.
    04-21-2016 10:47 AM
  2. anon(9072051)'s Avatar
    Uninstalling Zedge didn't help. Unless there's some hidden volume control that I don't know about, I'm pinning this problem on the April update.
    04-21-2016 10:52 PM

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