09-02-2017 04:42 PM
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  1. prandr's Avatar
    TL;DR: 1) I have a considerable email-arrival delay despite disabling battery optimization anywhere/everywhere on the phone, 2) individual VIP contacts will not trigger notifications, but who email domains will.

    I found my way to this thread because I installed Nine on my Galaxy S7 that came with 7.0/Nougat. I rooted it because I HAVE to have/use Titanium Backup - if Google and/or phone mfgs would give us most of the capabilities of TiBu, I likely would not need to root my phones. Rooting this S7 was more of a pain than all of the times I rooted my S3 and S6 *combined*

    Anywho.. I too have that annoying issue with the mail taking it sweet time showing up on my phone. I have my old S6 connected via WiFi, its version of Nine is up-to-date, and it still get email from both of two, different Exchange servers darn near instantaneously.

    THE REAL REASON I took to the Internet to Google "Nougat Nine Folders" (no quotes) was to see if anyone else is having problems with their VIP contacts not sounding the notifications. If I configure entire email domains instead of specific addresses, the notifications alert as expected/designed.
    Can you elaborate how you did this? I do see under setting there is a "VIP" option. What did you exactly?
    09-01-2017 11:55 AM
  2. aalupatti's Avatar
    Just came to say that I have been having this issue for past couple of weeks.
    I disabled battery optimization for the app and changed few other things.
    Nothing seems to help
    09-02-2017 04:42 PM
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