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    I am a foreigner, this is the first post. there are many typos, hope to everyone for comments and support ! Thank you very much !

    Currently, the 2016 smartphone market fierce competition between the android operating system, IOS .... and they keep coming up with the best smartphone product. The importance of consumer nhuoi they have many choices among 2016 samrtphone too great.
    Through this article, I will review the best smartphones in 2016, to make a best choice for you.
    Or you can watch live and clearer through this video !!!

    1 . iphone 6 plus
    Best smartphone 2016 ( Review )-apple-iphone-6-plus-gold-gallery-img-1-bp3-011215_1426667173_1434717254.jpg
    PROS / The 6s Plus’s battery life is as impressive as we’ve seen from any current generation smartphone.

    CONS / Even for phablet lovers, it’s almost too big for comfort, all but demanding two-handed use.

    VERDICT / Were it not for its uncomfortable heft, the iPhone 6s Plus would be the best phone on the market. If you can get over its size, its rich capabilities will have you grinning.

    The iPhone 6s Plus is huge. Though just slightly larger than last year’s model, it feels like Apple took an iPad Mini, shrunk it down to almost phone size, gave it an antenna and put it in a box. We’ve never tested a smartphone that’s so noticeably – even uncomfortably – big, and it’s left us very conflicted.

    2 . Samsung galaxy S7

    Best smartphone 2016 ( Review )-samsung-galaxy-s7-water-resistance-1024x577.jpg
    PROS / Samsung's new Dual Pixel autofocus is shockingly fast and brings smartphone cameras a leap closer to DSLRs.

    CONS / For some reason, the world’s premier Android device is still anchored to TouchWiz and carrier bloatware.

    ERDICT / The Galaxy S7 takes a great thing and makes it even better. It may be pricey, but it’s the most capable smartphone you can buy .

    The Galaxy S7 is the best smartphone Samsung has ever made. It’s delightfully snappy, unabashedly sleek and boasts a superb camera. It’s water resistant and crafted from the finest materials. And after a noticeable absence from the Galaxy line, its microSD card slot has made a triumphant return. This truly is an amazing device.

    3 . HTC 10
    Best smartphone 2016 ( Review )-unofficial-renders-htc-10-one-m10_roav.jpg
    PROS / Thanks to its Snapdragon 820 processor, the HTC 10 is a speedy workhorse of a phone.

    CONS / Everything about the device feels derivative and uninspired, lacking the last-mile polish you expect from a phone of its price.

    VERDICT / In a world without Samsung, the HTC 10 would dominate the Android market. Buy it if you can find it on sale, but at full price, it’s a hair short of greatness

    The HTC 10 should be amazing.
    This is, after all, HTC’s big gamble in the smartphone market. It’s the culmination of years of design iteration; the last valiant attempt from a company whose smartphones have gotten less and less appealing as those years have passed. Today, HTC is better known for its virtual reality hardware, and if the 10 isn’t a rousing success, we probably won’t see many more phones from the Taiwanese company.

    4 . Motorola Moto X Pure Edition

    Best smartphone 2016 ( Review )-h24qoh2n.jpg
    PROS / The phone offers stellar performance for its price point.

    CONS / Given that it has a large 3000 mAh cell, its battery life is almost shockingly brief.

    VERDICT / For all the hype surrounding the release of the Moto X Pure Edition, it’s a merely decent phone. For now, though, there’s no better way to experience the excellence of stock Android.

    Over the past two years, Motorola has transformed from the joke of the phone industry to one of its leading manufacturers. 2014 s moto X didn’t have the most impressive specs, but its balance of functionality, affordability and polish has only grown on us since its release. Motorola has pitted this year’s Moto X Pure Edition – or, as it’s known outside the U.S., the Moto X Style – against the competition’s top smartphones , and while it’s a decent contender, there are a couple significant hang-ups.

    Wish you find the best smartphone

    This is my personal opinion. Please do leave a comment. Thank you very much .
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    Thanks for sharing
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    Nice write up... thank you for sharing. What did you do to YouTube to get Terminated? You seemed very professional here!
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