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    We are familiar with 2 step verification or User Access Control, which requires you to have a pasword plus some 2nd authentication device with you (as a key generator, an SMS, some specific nfc tag etc).

    But there are also TWO protocol Device Access Control, which implies to grant access you should be capable to unlock 2 different "locks" both, and after some failures no matter on which lock, the device enter into a deep lock mode requiring a 3rd harder unlock mechanism.

    In Android this could be: Unlock the device with fingerprint, then a short 4 digit unlock code, or instead iris scanner , this is used to avoid "dead men" scenarios, as could be when you sleep and some one has access to your fingers, even your iris its possible to unlock the device w/o 2 protocol unlock (requiring further a short password), and in case to many failures requiring either remote unlock or a long 10 digit password with limited attempts before auto-wipe.

    It is possible in Nougat?
    08-24-2016 12:55 PM

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