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    Will everyone, I was using Google Maps for GPS to go to an event tonight at the local library in my Township and going there my Google Maps was in beta version and the GPS barely lost in and Google Maps wooden track actually along the route that I was on a pretty much knew where I was going but it still didn't work properly and the GPS as well. So when I got to the library, I left the beta group for the app uninstall the app installed it. Then, when I left at nighttime, I use Google Maps to get home of course and long story short, Google Maps was not only more accurate but it didn't stay to the right and even if I lost it quickly since there was a good LTE data connection with anyone I was going there and it would seem that all the time. So I just wanted to share my thoughts regarding that. I am signing up for some of the other programs Android developer preview Google Maps application. It's not always good to be signing up for beta applications if it's a really important and quote unquote killer application that you always use and rely on. It's all data on my phone again nougat 7.1.1 and many other apps like Drippler Armada editions of apps on my phone which I love. I just want to share my thoughts regarding this.
    10-24-2016 09:32 PM

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